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Buying and selling rustics properties and dehesas (meadows)


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Located in: GALICIA

Extension: 5 has.

It is a defensive fortress, from the mid-18th century, which, as the owners explain, was built due to the continuous confrontations between the Bourbons and the British navy. The Castillo del Cardenal had a capacity for 96 men and was equipped with 12 cannons. Its construction began by Lana Ferrieri and was finished by Francisco Llovet and Carlos Lemaur. The Cardenal Castle has resisted the invasion of Napoleon's troops and the incursions of numerous pirates, protecting the traffic of the Venetian route in the Corcubión estuary.
the price of this unique asset is negotiable and they admit properties as part of payment. However, only those who can prove economic solvency and express a real interest in the property, through a letter of purchase intention, may visit it.
Its appeal is that it is ready to move into. Completely renovated, as it was originally, the owners have maintained their original structure, "therefore living in it is like living in the 18th century with the comforts of the 21st century".
It has a total area of ​​approximately 50,000 square meters, all surrounded by nature bordering the sea and native forests. Built about 2,700 meters, and of these, approximately 700 useful, all on one floor, without architectural barriers, vaulted ceilings, independent exits and views of the sea from the entire property and from all rooms, to the mountains of Pindo (Celtic Olympus ) and to coastal populations.
The property is distributed in nine rooms and consists of four interior gardens, a well and high-flow springs. It also has running water, central heating and a private electricity line, as well as access by stairs to the sea and two coves in the farm and cave. It also has a telephone, Wi-Fi, mobile phone coverage and a wireless alarm center, as well as a garage, woodshed and covered porch.

The fortress is located next to the Corcubión estuary, an obligatory step towards Fisterra -12 kilometers, and 70 from Santiago de Compostela-, which many historians consider to be the true destination of the ancient pagan pilgrimages prior to Christianization, since from here the sun could no longer be followed in its decline. The Roman Finis Terrae would then be the final goal, the end of the Camino de Santiago along the coast.
Its current owners assure that due to the orography of the land it would be feasible to create a heliport and some mooring on the coast. "The farm can be offered as a business option or as a recreational farm, although the family prefers to sell it as a recreational farm, as it is currently, in order to speed up the sale procedures and not have to wait for the permits to the different estates ", they point out.

Other features

  • Farm house Main
  • Farm house Property manager
  • Light
  • Telephone
  • Fance Perimetral
    • Stone
  • Fance Inside
  • Machinery
  • Ships
  • Water wells
  • Springs

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