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The hotel is located on the 430 National highway, Badajoz-Valencia highway, km 140 in the municipality of Navalvillar de Pela (Badajoz), 1.5 km from the city center.

Being on the 430 National highway that connects Badajoz with Valencia, it has good communication with towns such as Badajoz (140Km), Mérida (64km), Don Benito (40Km), Guadalupe (50km), Cáceres (120km), among others. It is also worth noting the closeness to Portugal and the excellent communication with Madrid.

It is located in an enviable area, of great tourist attraction where you can enjoy and practice hunting activities, both major and minor, and fishing, among others.
Navalvillar de Pela is surrounded by eight swamps (García Sola, La Serena, Orellana, Sierra Brava, Zújar, Ruecas, Gargáligas and Cubilar), the farthest located about thirty kilometers, with very different characteristics in terms of fishing.
To enjoy the natural environment, 15 km away is the Orellana reservoir where we find an artificial beach called “Costa Dulce”, awarded the First Blue Flag of Spain that is awarded to a freshwater beach.
Some of the reservoirs mentioned are considered, by fishing professionals, as the best in Spain for the quantity and quality of the trophies in the catches.

Another activity very present in the area is hunting, not in vain we are surrounded by large farms that are dedicated to hunting, both big game and small game hunting.
 Navalvillar de Pela has eighteen game reserves: three local, nine sporting and six private, for hunting almost all the hunting species of the Extremadura region: in big game, the wild boar, deer, deer and the ruin; in small game, red partridge, the abundance of hares, rabbits and thrushes, turtledoves, pigeons, quail and ducks among the migratory.
In recent years, hunting tourism has increased, hosted in the private reserves of the municipality; The hobby of Italians, French and Portuguese, as well as national hunters, in hunting the thrush is remarkable.

Another resource to enjoy in the area is the Periurban Urban Conservation and Leisure Park "Dehesa de Moheda Alta", belonging to the municipality of Navalvillar de Pela, where the study of migratory birds, especially cranes (native bird of the region ), makes possible the visit of professional and amateur ornithologists, national and international, to our town. In addition to having a bird interpretation center.

Other places of interest in the municipality are El Chorrero Natural Area, Ruins of the Roman City of Lacimurga “Constantia Lulia”.

 And to finish the location section, highlight that Navalvillar de Pela has a local Festival declared of Regional Tourist Interest that is celebrated on January 16 and attracts a high number of visitors; it is the “La Encamisá” party, in honor of the patron Saint Antón Abad.
On a 6000m2 plot, a 1700m2 hotel is built and distributed over 4 floors:
BASEMENT: Divided into 2 rooms, one dedicated to warehouse and the second without specific use.
GROUND FLOOR: Where is the cafeteria, reception, dining room for about 100 diners, and kitchen.
FIRST FLOOR: With 12 rooms, 8 of them double with individual terrace and bathroom, and 4 singles with bathroom, all with heating and air conditioning.
 SECOND FLOOR: With 10 rooms, 8 of them double with individual terrace and bathroom, and 2 singles with bathroom, all with heating and air conditioning.
Attached to the hotel is a 300 m2 “PAVILION DE CAZA” DINING ROOM, with barbecue, wood oven, all lined with wood, as well as a reserved dining room, a stone bar and a separate kitchen from the hotel.
The hotel also has two floors of 140 m2, each with 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom.
It should be noted that in front of the hotel there is a large esplanade for parking.

RRP € 900,000
Essential to sign a visit sheet to the property
The fees are 5% of the final price plus taxes
The price is highly negotiable and payment facilities would be provided

Other features

  • Farm house Main
  • Farm house Property manager
  • Light
  • Telephone
  • Ships

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