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Buying and selling rustics properties and dehesas (meadows)


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Located in: GRANADA

Extension: 1600 has.


Hunting farm, 1600 hectares located in the foothills of the Sierra de Segura and Cazorla, in the province of Granada.
It is completely closed with a fence about 50 km, 30 km. of them traveled a path. And 75 km of inland roads
In this farm, when it was acquired in 1989, it underwent a good transformation and one of the things that was done was to introduce males and females of wild goat, fallow deer, mouflon, deer, wild boar and ruis, giving rise today to one of the very few farms from Spain in which six species can be hunted.
It is an excellent for hunting stalking
As it is made up of old properties, it is very varied, having valleys, pine forests, chaparral, diversity of aromatic plants and many risqueras, which allows different species to coexist without hardly bothering.
This diversity of areas and woodland also allows them to hunt up to 5 hunters at the same time, without bothering themselves and without any type of danger.
In all species you can find medal trophies, all of them being given magnificently in the area.
The climate is high mountain, so in winter you can enjoy some snowfall, very pleasant temperatures in spring and in the hot months you never get to extreme temperatures, being able to sleep even with a duvet all year round. This climatology is due to the fact that the farm is between 1,350 and 1,700 meters of altitude

The farm has a large farmhouse with 9 rooms, with a bathroom in each room, as well as a smaller, independent farmhouse with 4 other rooms.
The farmhouse also has a swimming pool where you can cool off in the summer.
2 living rooms (1 glazed)
Large dining room trophy room
Hall-Weapons Room
Great kitchen
9 bedrooms
9 bathrooms and 2 toilets
Exterior Porch.
In residential buildings there is a 60 perimeter sidewalk with completion
of polished concrete and in the main house there is an urbanized outdoor area with a natural stone finish. The total urbanization area is 1,200 m2.

It also has a ranger house and hunter houses.
Warehouse buildings
Stables, guard houses and kennels.

The farm has two wild boar fences, one of 120 hectares. and another 200 hectares.

As water it has a lot of abundance, 12 ponds scattered throughout the farm and almost all of them are springs
A 50,000 m3 irrigation pond
1 well of about 160 meters
1 40-meter well

Two transformers 1 of 40 hp and another of 15 hp
Animal slaughterhouse with treated wood
There is also a lot of small game on the farm, hunting mainly; red partridge, quail, common turtledove, wood pigeon, blue dove and wild pigeon, thrush, rabbit, and hare

The Finca, both for its location 5 km from the town, and proximity to provincial capitals, its many buildings (to accommodate more than 50 people in a Rural Hotel or Rural Tourism Houses) and the paths where you can go hiking or horse riding and enjoy the great variety of flora and fauna, it becomes a privileged space for your tourist and leisure use
1.Hotel or Rural Tourism Houses
2.Horse routes
4.Possibility for Paint-ball Fields
5.Photo safaris

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The fees will be 3% plus taxes of the final amount of the operation
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Other features

  • Farm house Main
  • Farm house Property manager
  • Light
  • Telephone
  • Fance Perimetral
    • Cynegetic mesh
  • Fance Inside
  • Machinery
  • Ponds
  • Ships
  • Stream
  • Water wells
  • Springs

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