Logotipo de Fincas Rústicas y Dehesas

Buying and selling rustics properties and dehesas (meadows)


Price: Consult

Located in: OLIVENZA

Extension: 15 has.

Two-storey building plus a lookout tower.
It has five rooms for accommodation on the ground floor, in addition to a kitchen, living room and dining room, on the same floor, three of the rooms have their own bathroom and the remaining two share the same bathroom, the ground floor has a porch In the back.
On the upper floor is the home of the keepers or owners.
On the same floor there is a living room and an office. From this floor it is possible to access a castle where there is a dependence as a viewpoint. The total useful surface is four hundred and fifty-six meters and sixty-seven square decimeters, of which one hundred and ninety-seven square meters with twenty-eight square decimeters are on the ground floor, two hundred and forty-four meters and thirty-seven square decimeters on the upper floor and fifteen meters and two square decimeters in the observation deck.
The total built area is six hundred and thirty-four meters and seventy-two square decimeters with seventy-two square decimeters, of which three hundred and four meters with forty-eight square decimeters on the ground floor, three hundred and four meters and forty-eight square decimeters in top floor; and twenty-five meters and seventy-six square decimeters in the observation deck.
15 thousand square meters in total farm area, surrounded by the northern part of the stream of La Morgada.
Located in a unique enclave, just 5 km from the town of Olivenza, with nearby shops and 30 km from Badajoz capital.
Beautiful area, with unique views of groves, farms with cattle and close to the Piedra Aguda Reservoir, just 300 meters away.
- Landscaped areas, at the entrance to the farm on both sides of the road, back with pool, central patio with central fountain. Small olive grove.
- Riding sports recreation area, 5 boxes, paddock and 20 x 40 round and rectangular outdoor track.
- Half-built warehouse without roofing for the realization of a spa area with the project endorsed by the College of Architects.
- Enough parking for bus, cars.
Currently there is a project endorsed by the College of Architects and by the Extremadura Board for the expansion of facilities, for the construction of rooms, a cellar, a wedding hall, a hermitage and a spa, for a future hotel complex. It is not in the possession of the owner, but can be obtained from the College of Architects.
- Rustic path access, not paved. Distance from the national road to the entrance of the farm, 1,300 km.
- Nearest neighbors 2, ranchers. There are no neighborhood problems.
Solar powered equipment with batteries, diesel engine. Installation needs to be fixed.
3 natural sounding wells, water 100% drinkable by the Junta de Extremadura.
Underfloor heating, using water.
Natural insulation of oak cork. (There is no chemical product as an insulator, it is totally natural).
No cold pump is necessary since it is acclimatized with large walls that make it a natural insulator in summer. It is kept in a good environment and fresh.
Rural tourism
This house has been registered as a Rural Hotel until a few years ago, it was removed for family reasons. Currently, improvements have to be made to be able to offer it as rural tourism.
Aesthetic and performance improvements
Currently the house is in good condition, it would be necessary to make aesthetic improvements to paint, windows, sunlight and motor. Garden areas for maintenance.
- Reason for sale, inheritance.
- There is a mortgage charge.

Other features

  • Farm house Main
  • Light
  • Telephone
  • Fance Perimetral
  • River
  • Stream
  • Water wells

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