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Buying and selling rustics properties and dehesas (meadows)


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Located in: PORTUGAL

Extension: 2500 has.

Finca, a property with approximately 2,500 hectares located in full agricultural and hunting activity, in the Portalegre region.

In the tranquility of the rural world and perfectly integrated into an idyllic and beautiful landscape of Alto Alentejo.

La Finca, has a vast and charming rustic landscape, with approximately: 400 hectares of new cork oaks with approximately 10 years of age, capable of removing the
first cork 300 hectares of traditional cork and holm oaks, the last cork harvest was in 2013 and yielded around € 500,000. 750 hectares of eucalyptus, planted with rails and firebreaks; 40 hectares of olive groves, 24 hectares of new olive groves with drip irrigation and 16 hectares of traditional olive groves;
400 hectares of pasture for cattle with the capacity and conditions to place pivots (near the dam) and to plant pastures, there are already several fences / fences for grazing animals;

The area of ​​passages can be increased, since there is an area considered mound, rockrose and eucalyptus that borders this area and that of course can be used in the expansion of the pasture area;
The rest of the area is mountainous and rocky, where partridge and rabbit hunting, and big game hunting are practiced.

The entire property is fenced (about 50 km of exterior network), several fences for livestock throughout the property, especially in the pasture area;
The farm has about 300 sheep (it has already had 1000 sheep), about 100 cows / cattle);
Sheep collection rooms;
It has a fattening room, currently with calves, recently recovered (new facilities), with water and solar / photovoltaic panels for the extraction of water from artesian wells. The fattening room where the steers are kept can easily be used for other animals;

Several houses (about 10 houses that used to be the old shepherds' houses) are spread throughout the property, some already recovered, with new roof, windows and doors, in use
as waiting houses for the slaughter of the big game;
There are still unrecovered houses on the property with the capacity to be transformed into fattening rooms for animals, warehouses or even homes;
There are several buildings, in good condition, that are used to
warehouses of feed, agricultural implements and various equipment.

The property has several artesian wells, fed with photovoltaic panels, several water ponds scattered throughout the property (about 12).
It has an above ground dam, with pumping and a generator to feed all the irrigation of the property and provide pivots to be installed.

This dam has its own capacity and capacity origin that will be expanded if necessary; It has several sources of water, "source / mine".
The Finca has a recently built industrial pen, with a capacity of approximately 400/600 sows, where about 200 piglets are produced per week.
This unit, duly licensed, had an investment of close to € 1,000,000.
The farm has a considerable predominance of big game, currently it is estimated around 300 fallow deer, 300 roe deer and deer and more than 300 wild boars.
The property has a 200 hectare fence containing wild boars and
large animals are released periodically.
Deer, fallow deer, wild boar, eagles, herons, storks, partridges, etc. can easily be seen in their habitat.
The farm has a tourist hunting license and is clearly improved for the practice of this sport (big game, partridges, hares and rabbits.)
It is considered the largest and best game reserve in the country.
It has a duly licensed industrial hunting cutting room (duly licensed). authentic industrial slaughterhouse).

The farm has a trophy room, a dining room equipped with an industrial kitchen, duly furnished, and with a capacity to serve around 200 meals.

The farm has rooms for employees.
La Finca has an excellent rural tourism unit, with country houses.
(converted into rural tourism), we offer you a total of 32 beds divided into 14 accommodation units divided into suites, equipped with kitchenette, living room with fireplace and
Private bathroom, being 12 "T1" and 2 "T2".
The hotel unit also has 5 suites in addition to the tourist apartments, reception, living room, socialization, dining room and cafeteria duly equipped to serve
breakfasts / meals with capacity for more than 60 people.

The tourist complex is equipped with a swimming pool and a tennis court.

Regarding the staff assigned to the farm, a total of 6 permanent people, distributed among the
as follows:
1 person for rural tourism throughout the year;
1 man affected by big game, by food,
watch / watch and accompany hunters on approach;
1 man for agricultural livelihood, pruning, harvesting (olives) and fence / fence maintenance;
1 man linked to livestock (sheep and cows);
2 full time people in the sty.

APPLICATION PRICE - € 12,000,000 (negotiable)

The fees are 3% plus taxes

Other features

  • Farm house Main
  • Farm house Property manager
  • Light
  • Telephone
  • Fance Perimetral
    • Cynegetic mesh
  • Fance Inside
  • Machinery
  • Ponds
  • Ships
  • Swamp
  • River
  • Stream
  • Water wells

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