Logotipo de Fincas Rústicas y Dehesas

Buying and selling rustics properties and dehesas (meadows)


Price: 3.800.000 - (3.800 Ha.)

Located in: CORDOBA

Extension: 1000 has.

HAS: 939
TYPOLOGY: Dry-farming, hunting farm (fenced big game reserve) and Forest
MAIN ACTIVITY: Agricultural, hunting and forestry

GENERAL: Agricultural farm with hunting exploitation of big game - minor and forest
BREAKDOWN SURFACE: Forest mass is 60.53% (160 hectares of eucalyptus, the rest of the oak forest and scrubland)
Olive grove 2.50%
Arable land 35.36%
Infrastructure 1.59%
DISTANCE TO THE NEAREST URBAN NUCLEUS: 5 km from the nearest population center and 100 km from the nearest provincial capital by national highway.
TOPOGRAPHY: Sierra relief with moderate slopes and flat orientations with variable exposures, shady exposures dominate.
Mediterranean climate
WATER RESOURCES: 2 swamps, 1 borehole, 1 stream that runs through the northwest area.
BUILDINGS: Casa Cortijo Rural hotel of 1712 m2, warehouses and agricultural warehouses 940 m2, guard house 93 m2, buildings attached to the farmhouse 530 m2, Bungalows 752 m2, guard house in preserve 267m2
KINEGETIC EFFECTS: Big game (deer, wild boar, fallow deer and mouflon), small secondary game (red partridge, thrush, pigeons, turtledoves, rabbits and hares)
LIVESTOCK RECORDS: No livestock records
EQUIPMENT: Parking lots, accesses, swimming pool, greenhouses, etc ...


PRICE: € 3,800,000
FEES: 5%

Other features

  • Farm house Main
  • Farm house Property manager
  • Light
  • Telephone
  • Fance Perimetral
    • Cynegetic mesh
    • Livestock mesh
  • Fance Inside
  • Ponds
  • Ships
  • River
  • Stream
  • Water wells

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